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How it all started..

In 2020 many of our lives changed forever, a global pandemic struck the world and stripped us of physically being able to see our friends and socialise. That was when I turned to an online chatroom, what I didn’t realise at the time was the type of people I would meet and the friendships that would be made.

Our community started in a chatroom during lockdown with a small group of people that shared common interests, the community gradually grew in both size and also it’s bond between people.

A long time went by and people started to get back to normal after lockdown restrictions eased, but we had all formed such a great bond, fantastic friendships it wasn’t over.

Many months later after some brainstorming about making a better chat room the idea was starting to seem like a real possibility. We had our values, a great community, we knew what we set out to achieve so all we needed to do was make it a reality it and build a chat room.

And here we are today!

Some tips to help you stay safe online

live chatrooms privacy

Keep Your Privacy Settings On

Marketers love to know all about you, and so do hackers. Both can learn a lot from your browsing and social media usage. But you can take charge of your information. As noted by Lifehacker, both web browsers and mobile operating systems have settings available to protect your privacy online. Major websites like Facebook also have privacy-enhancing settings available. These settings are sometimes (deliberately) hard to find because companies want your personal information for its marketing value. Make sure you have enabled these privacy safeguards, and keep them enabled.

Practice Safe Browsing

You wouldn’t choose to walk through a dangerous neighborhood so don’t visit dangerous neighborhoods online. Cybercriminals use lurid content as bait. They know people are sometimes tempted by dubious content and may let their guard down when searching for it. The Internet’s demimonde is filled with hard-to-see pitfalls, where one careless click could expose personal data or infect your device with malware. By resisting the urge, you don’t even give the hackers a chance.

live chatroom practice safe browsing
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Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Secure. Use a Secure VPN Connection

When you go online in a public place, for example by using a public Wi-Fi connection, PCMag notes you have no direct control over its security. Corporate cybersecurity experts worry about “endpoints” – the places where a private network connects to the outside world. Your vulnerable endpoint is your local Internet connection. Make sure your device is secure, and when in doubt, wait for a better time (i.e., until you’re able to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network) before providing information such as your bank account number.

Choose Strong Passwords

Passwords are one of the biggest weak spots in the whole Internet security structure, but there’s currently no way around them. And the problem with passwords is that people tend to choose easy ones to remember (such as “password” and “123456”), which are also easy for cyber thieves to guess. Select strong passwords that are harder for cybercriminals to demystify. Password manager software can help you to manage multiple passwords so that you don’t forget them. A strong password is one that is unique and complex—at least 15 characters long, mixing letters, numbers and special characters.

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live chatrooms post care

Be Careful What You Post

The Internet does not have a delete key, as that young candidate in New Hampshire found out. Any comment or image you post online may stay online forever because removing the original (say, from Twitter) does not remove any copies that other people made. There is no way for you to “take back” a remark you wish you hadn’t made, or get rid of that embarrassing selfie you took at a party. Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your mum or a prospective employer to see.

It's all about the community, the people make a chat room special

Our Vision

Established in 2021, chatwolfie was a collaborative idea that materialised into the website and chat rooms you see before you today. Created with you in mind myself and the other founding members of the site wanted to build a place that would be well managed, safe and fun for you to enjoy.

Our Values

Our core values at chatwolfie is what makes our community unique. Yes we have rules, but we encourage freedom of speech and feel our approach is very relaxed. This in turn makes for a great atmosphere and some very good moments for you to enjoy.

From an idea between friends to the website we have before us today

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