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  1. @eNiGMa I pmd you and took care of it! 😊
  2. Respond to inconsistency with your absence.

  3. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing @Princess Melon! I’m definitely going to try it!
  4. I love this! Thank you for sharing @Princess Melon! 💜
  5. I can’t even remember the last time I slept for longer than 3 hours straight 🤣

  6. Send butter 

  7. Summer nights — I’m ready for you 🥰

  8. Your energy belongs to you — you decide where it flows.

    1. Blossom


      I agree with this 100%

  9. Anyone who tries to make your life easier is a serious blessing. I need more of that around me. 💖

    1. Blossom


      You can never have to many of those people around 😌

  10. Venturing out to some new wineries today 🍷🥰

    1. Blossom


      Enjoy 💜

  11. You just gotta let me be dramatic.. I’ll be normal again in a few hours 😇

  12. If people want to, they will. That’s it, that’s all. 💜

  13. Today is a beautiful day ❤️🔥

  14. Trying to be as encouraging to myself as I am to others because I deserve that effort too. 🥰

    1. Blossom


      I 100% agree with that 😌You really do 💜

    2. Chucky


      you sure do hun 💙


  15. Outgrowing people that you thought were supposed to be in your life long term is a weird bittersweet feeling. 

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