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  1. thank you for getting in touch , we have considered what you have said here , and also what you sent in the pm, and because of previous warnings you have had , the ban stands.
  2. Happy Sunday everyone hope ya all have a good 1 🙂 

  3. TGIF hope ya all have a great one 


  4. The weekend has landed 🙂 

  5. Happy Sunday 😀

  6. To twerk or not to twerk that is the question 😁

  7. I'm so damn tired today 

  8. i was out with my gf Cassy on a night on the town , we was in this pub and she wanted a smoke , she said to me look at that ashtray is looks like a dog bowl can you pass me it please , so i said yes there ya go lassie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she was insulted that i called her a dog
  9. Twerky Twerky 😁

  10. Chilling , Chatting and Gaming 🙂 

  11. Happy Sunday everyone have a great day 🙂

  12. ive been having so much fun on the site lately 🙂 

    1. Jennifer


      I'm glad you been having fun 🙂

    2. Assassin


      thank you hun 🙂 


  13. Sorry ppl ya have to put up with me for 2days while off work sick lol 

    1. Jennifer


      don't be sorry hun we love being stuck with you lol 😘

  14. That was a good night out 

  15. Speaking was on your mind is good to get of ya chest sometimes coz i know some ppl like to bottle things up n hide it away(i used to be that person but now i`m learning to be more open) it takes alot of courage to do what you have done, i applaud for what you said , Love it 🙂
  16. Very nice princess melon , i love it 🙂
  17. i`ve got lazy sunday syndrome today 

  18. 5 years today where has the time gone.


  19. Time to go n have some fun at my mums with my nieces if they are too 🙂 

  20. Bubbles the godess of wine 🙂 

  21. why the hell did i wake up at fooking 5am on my day off work grrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

  22. I`ve had such a good weekend with my family n chat fam 🙂

    1. Jennifer


      I'm happy to hear that hun 😘

  23. My day today consists of me doing SFA all day 🙂

  24. Had a nice win in the big horse race today


    1. Jennifer


      glad you had a nice win today hun 🙂

    2. Assassin


      Also had this one to go with it 🙂 


  25. i`m feeling very emotional right now 😭

    1. Bubbles


      Hang in there sweets! 💜

    2. Assassin


      i am doing sweetie 🙂 like always 


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