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  1. There wasn't a cooking forum so thought I'd start. It's getting warmer so who doesn't like s'mores. Campfire Cones easy as pie: -fill waffle cones with your favourite mini marshmallows and things ( anything works, even raspberries and marshmallows) - wrap in aluminum foil and bake it, grill it or cook over a campfire (I've only done oven which was 250 degrees for like 10 minutes) and enjoy <3
  2. Why am I always the rock? When is it my turn to be an ever flowing river? When is it the time for me to roll down into someone's lap melting out of existence? For what am I but a smoothed down stone, marks eroded by waterfalls of history, coarse bearded rivers and wound up in pools alone, with polished yet unremarkable pebbles Worn away into a beautiful nothing, overtaken by the detritus But always seen for beauty When is it my turn to open myself like the waves?
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