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Favorite cake, pies or tarts

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Hey all. 

I know I am somewhat the new kid on the block, but I am posting this to entice everyone to ante up their favourite cakes, pies, or tarts.  And probably why you like them. 


Van Helsing 




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Basbousa (Arabic: بسبوسة basbūsah) is a sweet, syrup-soaked semolina cake that originated in Egypt,[1] and is also common in other countries. The semolina batter is baked in a sheet pan,[2] then sweetened with orange flower water, rose water or simple syrup, and typically cut into diamond (lozenge) shapes or squares. It is also found in most areas of the former Ottoman Empire,[3] and is featured in Middle Eastern cuisines, Greek cuisine, Azerbaijani cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine, Yemeni cuisine and others.

It is found in the cuisines of the Middle East, the Balkans and the North Africa under a variety of names.[4]

  • Egyptian Arabic: بسبوسة basbūsah
  • Arabic: هريسة harīsa (meaning mashed or crushed), نمورة nammoura, بسبوسة basbūsah
  • Hebrew: בסבוסה basbūsah
  • Armenian: Շամալի shamali
  • Greek: ραβανί (ravani), ρεβανί (revani), σάμαλι (samali).
  • Albanian: revani
  • Turkish: revani
  • Macedonian and Serbian: (ravanija), раванија
  • Bulgarian: реване (revane)
  • Oromo: basbousa
  •  from wiki lol
  • it was always my fav


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