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A certain kind of person... Poem-esq

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Idk if this is the kind of thing you all were allowing/expecting to be posted in this topic but I saw creative writing and kind of just went for what was on my mind. If you want things that aren't related to the chat or things are personal(?) Kept off here I understand. 


It takes special people to like someone like me.
It takes people who are willing to reassure a lot!
It takes people who are willing to reply to me when everything at home seems to be going south.
It takes people who understand the communication barrier that I come with.
It takes people who are willing to earn my trust, slowly and over time.
It takes people who understand that my past is so much more complicated then simply slapping a label on it and saying this is what happened.
It takes people taking time to work with me, to talk to me, to get to know me.

I may seem normal like the rest of you are..
But did you ever stop and think what I may be having to try so hard to seem normal?

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Speaking was on your mind is good to get of ya chest sometimes coz i know some ppl like to bottle things up n hide it away(i used to be that person but now i`m learning to be more open) it takes alot of courage to do what you have done,  i applaud for what you said , Love it 🙂 

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